As the Premier CPA Exam Tutor, Darius believes that you should start with FAR first. There is more than one reason why you should try to pass FAR before Audit, BEC or REG. Look, FAR will likely require 4 months or more to prepare but there is a catch, The FAR exam is also failed more than any other CPA Exam Nationwide. Once you use i-75 and pass FAR, you will then have 18 months to pass the other three parts. What’s next? Darius suggests taking Audit after passing FAR. Why take Audit after FAR? Audit requires similar GAAP and journal entry knowledge like FAR, ratios also but not as much material to study. Bottom Line, this is why Darius Clark suggests that you should start with FAR first. Take FAR first so that while you are studying FAR, you are not using any of your precious 18 month window. Then, after passing FAR, using the i-75 CPA Review Audit course, you should pass Audit in 3 months or less. Good News, two down, just two to go. Which CPA Exam should you pass after Audit? Darius suggests taking BEC after Audit because both Audit and BEC both involve ratios and with the i-75 Course, it should take only 3 months or less to pass BEC. That leaves REG for last which should take about 3-4 months. When you pass the CPA Exam using i-75 you should have several months left in your 18 month window but only if you take the CPA Exam in this order and here is the most important part, only if you use the i-75 CPA Review Course. Candidates who leave FAR for last often bump into the 18 month clock and you never want to lose credit for what you worked so hard for. Darius says, “I can’t emphasize this enough, take FAR first so that you are not using any of your 18 month window.”

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