CPA Candidates ask me if there is an advantage which CPA Exam they attack first. There is an advantage in taking FAR first. What’s the real story? Well, FAR will take the longest to prepare since it has more material than Audit BEC or REG. The truth is that it could take 4-6 months to prepare for FAR if its your first time. Since you get 18 months to pass the others after you pass your first, start with FAR so you won’t be using any of your precious 18 month window. OK, so you passed FAR and have 18 months, to pass the other 3, now what? Take Audit next because the AICPA can test any part of FAR on the CPA Audit Exam. Having recently passed FAR gives you an advantage when taking Audit. Watch this video and see what I recommend after passing FAR and Audit.

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