Is today Exam Day? Most candidates believe that they pass they CPA Exam on the day of the exam. The truth is, you only take the exam that day. You pass the exam every hour and every day that you study. Here’s the Deal, CPA Exam Candidates pass the exam, a little bit each day. What you do every day matters. That’s why you have to make studying and reviewing a habit while you are in the CPA Exam subculture. If today is Exam Day, this is what i would advise you. I tell all my i-75 CPA Review students this:

Do all 5 steps in this order

  1. Wake up Early
  2. Work Out, 20 Minutes of Exercise. Break a Sweat!
  3. Shower
  4. Eat a good fulfilling breakfast
  5. Take the CPA Exam

Why do you need this? Following the steps above is worth 5 extra points on exam day because it will give you and help you maintain maximum energy throughout the prometric experience. I can’t emphasize this enough, the AICPA and NASBA have designed the CPA Exam to make you fail by stealing your energy during the exam. The way the exam is structured, the examiners have the advantage and they chip away at your energy level. One example, your taking the Audit exam and you see a question and think that it should not be on your Audit exam but rather the FAR exam or a different exam. This will cost you energy if you are not prepared with maximum energy. Bottom Line, you need to begin your exam with maximum energy in order to be successful!

You should already know details about travelling and parking at your prometric exam sight. Don’t leave that for the day of your exam because you can lose energy just following direction and wondering where you are going to park. So make sure you have your trip mapped out and if you can take a dry run to see how much time it takes to get there.

Bottom Line, You don’t pass the exam on the day of the exam. But you could fail it by not following these guidelines.

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