If you failed FAR, Audit, BEC or REG, it may have had more to do with your CPA Review Lecturer. Look, when you signed up for a CPA Review Course, you probably thought that you would be taught by someone who works closely with CPA Candidates. Did you soon find that the teacher is more of a CPE Lecturer and does NOT work with CPA Candidates on a daily basis? Becker, Wiley, and Surgent instructors do not teach CPA Review other than from videos which they record once or twice per year. This detaches them from the needs of you, the CPA Candidate. Maybe you failed the CPA exam because you were being “lectured to” instead of being “taught”. You deserve to be taught by someone who is “laser focused” on what is likely to be tested on FAR, Audit, BEC, or REG. When it comes to a CPA Candidate, there is no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Here’s the deal, your Becker or Surgent instructor was likely some “industry expert,” but were they focused during the presentation on what the CPA Exam is likely to ask or did they just lecture? If they forget, even for a moment, that you are not an expert they lose you and the entire presentation is a waste. Maybe you even watched a Becker lecture a second time and it didn’t help, now you know why. The lecturer forgot what classroom they were in because they don’t work closely with CPA Candidates. Maybe they forgot that although you are a CPA Candidate, you are not an expert. Here’s what they don’t tell you: If you want to pass the CPA Exam, better to learn from someone who works with CPA Candidates every day! Not some industry expert who is detached and distracted from teaching CPE format. In a CPE Course, there is no test after the lecture. Everyone receives credit just for being there! Imagine lecturing in that format to CPA’s CFO’s and then having to actually teach beginners once or twice a year when you record a video. So if you failed FAR, Audit, BEC or REG and feel like “bad student” remember this. When it comes to a CPA Candidate, there is no such thing as “bad student” only “bad teacher.” Here’s the best part, I am Darius Clark and I teach CPA Review only! I don’t lecture CPE, I could make more money doing both so why don’t I? Because I am connected only to the needs of a CPA Candidate. I never want to lose the “feel” for what you need when I record a video or tutor a CPA Candidate one -on -one. I know that you are not an expert, that you forgot more than you ever knew and that you are not even particularly interested in these topics other than to pass the CPA Exam. This is probably why my i-75 CPA Review Course has over 100+ LinkedIn recommendations, more than any other CPA Review Provider. The CPE Course lecturer that you struggled to follow in Wiley or Surgent or Becker may have been an “estate planning professional or IT security expert but were they able to meet your needs as a non-expert? Here’s the secret, the CPA Exam does not require you to be an estate planner or network security expert in order to pass! The CPA Exam is the “Black Belt” of the Accounting Profession but the AICPA is not going to just hand you the “Black Belt”. When you walk into the Prometric Testing Center, is NASBA going to ask you who you had for a CPA Review Course lecturer, and if you were taught by an “industry expert” are they going to award extra points? No! Here’s the real story. A typical CPE Course lecturer doesn’t feel comfortable teaching CPA Review (white or yellow belts) because they are used to teaching brown and black belts all week in their CPE format. CPE Lectures are presented from the “top down” rather than from the, “bottom up”. This puts the pressure on you unless you were near the top of your class. You probably need to learn the basics regarding business combinations, leases, government and not for profit accounting, audit transaction cycles, variance analysis, Estates and Trusts. Learning the basics often requires a bottom up approach. Becker and Wiley, Surgent and Gleim, they are not going to give you that basic understanding. Instead, they are more likely to think that you don’t need it! If you watched a Becker, Surgent or Wiley lecture and you did not feel confident when tackling the multiple choice questions, then you know what I am talking about. My i-75 “Skinny Bundle” is perfect for those who already have a “test bank” but need a solid understanding of basic concepts.

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