When it comes to CPA Candidates, there is no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher! Here’s the deal, you paid $3,000 for Becker, Surgent, or Wiley and you failed the CPA Exam. Why? Becker Instructors are NOT dedicated CPA Review Instructors. What’s the real story? Becker instructors teach more CPE (Continuing Professional Education) courses than CPA Review. CPE courses are taught in a lecture setting where material is simply presented and no test needs to be taken. Why is this important? Because a CPE instructor may be a great estate planner or litigating attorney but there’s a catch. A good CPE lecturer is often a mediocre or poor CPA Review Instructor. Bottom Line, if you failed with Becker, its because you expected a CPA Review Instructor, someone who you could relate to, but then they wheeled out some industry expert who cannot teach accounting to those who are not experts. This is why in Karate, black belts don’t usually teach white and yellow belt class. You would have been better off if Becker had someone who recently passed the CPA Exam teach you the CPA Review. Bottom Line, you didn’t connect with Becker etc because the instructors should have been teaching you but instead were lecturing to you. Here’s the best part, I, Darius Clark, only teach CPA Review. Before a live CPA Review Skype tutoring session I remind myself of 3 things. 1) As my student, you are a CPA Candidate but not an expert. 2) You probably forgot as much as you ever knew. 3) You aren’t even interested in the topic, other than to pass the CPA exam. This is why I have the CPA Review Course with the highest passing rate, the i-75. Since I work with CPA Candidates only, I try to anticipate what questions you might have as I record a video lecture, I answer the question before you need to ask it. In the event that you have a question, you can email me anytime and  I will respond personally, usually within a few hours, always the same day. Remember, when it comes to CPA Candidates, there is no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.

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