Are you still trying to learn CPA Review from a CPE Course Lecturer or College Professor? How is that working for you? Look, when it comes to a CPA Candidate, there is no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. What makes for “bad teacher”? Here’s the deal, most CPA Review Courses such as Becker, Surgent, Gleim, they wheel out a CPE Course Lecturer to teach CPA Review, but there’s a catch, No test needs to be taken after a CPE Course lecture! So many CPA Review Courses are taught by CPE Lecturers, no wonder the AICPA claims that the National Pass Rate for the CPA Exam is less than 50%? Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Courses are taught by Universal industry experts, so why is that a problem for you? As a CPA Candidate, you cannot just sit and be lectured to as though no test follows. Instead, you have to be learning specific techniques but that’s not all. The techniques include recognizing, solving, and moving on. Therefore every moment of a CPA Review Lecture must be focused on the needs of the CPA Candidate. When I, Darius Clark, teach CPA Review, I am constantly aware of your needs as a CPA Candidate, every second of the lecture. For example, is it time for a multiple choice question, or maybe a second multiple choice question to re-enforce what we just learned. This is why most of my video lectures involve multiple choice questions. An instructor who teaches CPE, will often lecture as if they forgot how unforgiving the CPA Exam is. That’s not all, the CPE Course lecturer seems to forget what classroom they are in. This puts the pressure on you, the CPA Candidate to learn what you need to know after the lecture is over. That hurts you because you already spent your time watching the Becker or Gleim lecture but the instructor failed to connect with your needs. Then you start to feel like bad student. Bottom line, when it comes to a CPA Candidate, there is no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.

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