Audit Semi Senior at MWE

December 12, 2019

I discovered the I-75 course through Darius’s YouTube channel and I decided to sign up after I failed FAR using a different review course. At this point I had AUD & BEC under my belt but was faced with the tall task of the FAR section of the exam. The I-75 course was instrumental in helping me pass FAR, as well as REG which I passed on my first try thanks to Darius’s lectures. The I-75 course does a great job of explaining concepts in ways that are easy to understand as well as providing ample MCQs to help reinforce the topics. I saw a drastic improvement in my understanding of the topics I believed to be the more challenging topics. The course was a huge factor in helping me pass FAR, I went from a 67 to an 81 on FAR thanks to the I-75 course. I highly recommend the course to any CPA candidates.