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"The CPA Exam is Always changing, will i-75 have me ready for those changes?"

Yes, i-75 is fully up to date and continuously updating to accomadate for all future exam changes.


"What makes i-75 different than all the other courses?"

A. All other courses require you to read and already know the basics. Here at i-75, we don't assume that you already have knowledge on these topics, also you are NOT required to spend time reading ANYTHING. Like if they make you read something on your own, what's the point in paying for their course. Here at i-75 we spoon-feed all the information, and make it as easy as possible for you to learn. Many of our success stories involve CPA Candidates without any prior accounting, tax, or audit experience.


What is the difference between the i-75 “Full" Course Option and the “Skinny” Option?

A. In a perfect world we would have all the time we need to study for the exam. But we know thats not the case. While the Skinny Bundle was designed for Becker students, many are asking to upgrade (for example: FAR "Skinny" to FAR "Full") in order to save hours of study time. The “Skinny” FAR gives you everything that the “Full” FAR has, except for the multiple choice tests that follow after each chapter. If you want the multiple choice chapter tests, get the full course. The price is not much different but the value is, so thats why Darius highly recommends the "Full".


Are all the Videos exactly the same for both the "skinny bundle" and the full course bundle?

A. Yes, All the Videos are exactly the same whether you purchase the full course or “skinny”!


I'm taking Audit, should I buy the "Full" i-75 Audit or just the "Skinny" Audit?

A. The "Full" Audit will save you hours of study time and make you more efficient because you won't have to constantly bounce back and forth between 2 platforms (such as i-75 and Becker). While the "Skinny" gives you all the videos, The "Full" will make for a more efficient use of your study time. This is also the case for the FAR, BEC, and REG Bundles as well. I recommend the "Full" Version over the "Skinny", it's not that different in price and and the value is enormous. Only The "Full" will give you a multiple choice test after each chapter, directly related to the same videos you watched.

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How does I-75 matchup to the AICPA blueprints?

A. I-75 is based around what is on the AICPA blueprints. The course is updated now for 2023 and will be fully up to to date for the 2024 changes.


Will i-75 best prepare me for the simulations?

A. Sims will improve when your basic concepts improve. Sims have a way of exposing weakness in basic concepts. The more you rely on Becker for basic concepts, the worse you will do on the sims because Becker often asks you to memorize at the exact moment that you need to learn something. On the exam, each sim is worth 10 points but you don't need all 10 points to pass. No one gets 9 and very few get 8. You just can't get zero or 1 point. The secret to passing is to average 4-7 points per sim, and how do you do that? By having a good understanding of basic concepts. Fortunately, i-75 is designed perfectly for that.


“Say I purchase the BEC Monthly Subscription and then I take BEC, can I then immediately transfer to FAR or do I need to cancel and sign up again?

A. You do NOT need to cancel and sign up again. If you purchase the monthly subscription for one part, Hit us up when you take that exam and I will immediately transfer you to another part.


How do I become an i-75 Subscriber?

A. Simply Purchase any of our course options including the full course bundle, "skinny bundle", 2 part bundle, or any of the monthly subscription options.


When I am Finished, How do I cancel an i-75 Monthly Subscription?

A. Go into your PayPal account and cancel the automatic payment or let us know and we will cancel it for you!

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