Let’s face it, on test day, its just You vs the CPA Exam. Who Wants it More? You know the hours of training that you put in, but the CPA Exam doesn’t care. Your college professors will not be at the Prometric Testing Center to help you. Look, when you show up at the testing center with your NTS and Photo ID in hand, nobody asks how you did in college, where you interned or whether you were vice-president of Beta Alpha Psi. What’s the real story, the CPA Exam doesn’t care about your GPA or how you did on your final exams. The moment you walk into the Prometric testing center, your BS, BA, or MBA mean nothing.  Whether you are employed or unemployed, that is not even part of the AICPA Blueprint. If this is your first time taking the exam or you are a “Veteran” of the testing process having failed several attempts, it simply doesn’t matter to the grader. Bottom Line, NASBA doesn’t care how many hours you studied for FAR, REG, BEC, or Audit. You need to know how to Pass The CPA Exam. I can’t emphasize this enough, the CPA Exam doesn’t ask how many hours you studied, if you studied for 600 hours we will give you a 75 but below 500 hours you fail. No! No! No! The CPA Exam will never give you credit for time spent. Only a Continuing Professional Education will give you credit for time spent. The CPA Exam is very unforgiving. You have to produce a passing score on exam day, nothing else matters. How you produce that passing score is a matter of you, the CPA Exam Candidate, feeling like a “Killer” on Exam Day. How, when most CPA Review Courses ask you to memorize a bunch of unrelated acronyms. The truth is that the reason why Becker etc makes you memorize is because it’s easier for them, not because it’s easier for you. Memorizing actually puts the pressure on you so why do they do it? Why does Becker etc make you memorize so much? Because either they are not capable of teaching or they think that you are not capable of learning. I cannot emphasize this enough, you cannot memorize your way to a CPA.

What does i-75 teach different than the others? How can i-75 get me my CPA license

Here at i-75 You will be taught to understand the basic concepts. In order to actually pass the exam you need to learn the topics, not memorize. This will give you confidence. Confidence comes from understanding the question and why it’s even being asked. If you understand the question and why its being asked, then you can learn how to answer it. The other day, I responded to a post on the Great and Wonderful, “CPA Exam Club” and I said, take some notes on the AICPA release question as you solve it, then make up your own question based on that very question that you have just solved. Change a number here, a number there, and see if you really understand what was being asked. This is what you need to do to learn how to pass the CPA Exam.

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