i-75 CPA Review Course

Darius Clark’s i-75 CPA Review Course is the Highest Rated and Lowest Priced! Here at i-75, we have one goal in mind. Helping You Finally Pass the CPA Exam. What makes i-75 different from the Becker’s and the Wiley’s, is that we deal directly with you, the students. Darius puts each student first and responds to questions within an hour. For just $799, get the instructions you need to pass all 4 Parts. Join The i-75 Family and Finally get your CPA License! We Only Teach What Is Likely To Be on the Actual CPA Exam. When You Purchase The i-75 CPA Review Course, You Will Receive Access To Our #1 Rated Videos, Chapter tests, and Final Exam Testlets. This option never expires! You gain Full Access, until you pass all 4 Parts! Get the Best CPA Review Course Material and save $2,000! Enough for an Amazing Celebration of your CPA Exam success!

i-75 CPA Review Course
The Best CPA Review Course!

Pass The CPA Exam in 2020 And Save over $2,000! No Hidden Extras!

Easiest To Follow CPA Exam Videos

If you have ever watched any of Darius Clark's YouTube videos you know why he is rated number 1. i-75 Narrated Question Videos are the easiest to follow because Darius works only with CPA Exam Candidates. The other CPA Study Courses hire "industry experts" to explain the CPA Exam Material. What's the catch? They lecture like there is no test! We don't lecture at all! Darius narrates the questions, the very questions that will be on your test!

Final Exam Testlets

The Last Chapter in each course consists of Final Exam Testlets. These Testlets Feature Premium CPA Exam Questions that are not part of the normal i-75 test bank. These "fresh" questions, appear randomly and ensure you understand every important concept and there are no gaps or missing pieces prior to your exam.

5,000 Relevant Multiple Choice Questions

Our carefully selected questions, all based on the AICPA Blueprint, have at least a 90% chance to appear on the CPA Exam! We don't waste your time with distracting outlier questions that hurt your confidence. This is another reason why the our passing rate is so much higher than our competitors. Gleim CPA for example has 10,000 questions, half of which are outliers that have little to no chance of appearing on your exam, and Gleim knows it!


The CPA Exam is a tough journey. But don't worry, you are not alone. When you become a member of the i-75 CPA Study Course, Darius is available to answer any questions regarding CPA Exam Study Material, the i-75 course, private tutoring, or if you just want to discuss your personal CPA Exam Journey.


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lady cpa

August 15, 2019

JaJuan Williams aka “the lady CPA”

M.B.A Acc President The Lady CPA Inc, CFO Benefits Inc

I could not have done this without the help of Darius videos. The details of his lectures can not be experienced with the traditional study material. I hate to call them lectures I would rather refer to them as interactive CPA study sessions. To get over the hurdle I highly recommend the i-75 CPA Review Course!

August 10, 2019

Julie Bendtsen

Asset Accountant – Asset Services at Cushman & Wakefield

Darius’s I-75 course is top notch! His videos really break down the material in a clear and concise manner for ANYONE to understand. His approach gives you the base knowledge, whereas other review programs give you very high level. I recommend his course who anyone who needs the topics to be thoroughly explained. I was using another review course and really was not liking it.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a different approach. Darius doesn’t lecture. He narrates all the questions that you need to pass the exam. 

 I-75 CPA Review Course includes “Video Bundle”, “Test Bank”, Narrated Video Simulations, and 2 Testlets. There are probably more multiple choice questions in i-75 than in Becker, Wiley or Ninja.

If you already have another CPA Review Course, HMU and I will show you how to best use i-75 with whatever else you have.

Absolutely Yes! In each video Darius remembers 3 things when teaching each video.

  1. The student is not an expert and quite likely has never been exposed to this content before.
  2. Probably forgot more than they remember if they did ever learn it.
  3. Isn’t particularly interested in any of this except for passing the exam. 

It absolutely does. We offer everything you need to pass the CPA Exam. No more, no less. And being the fact that Another 71 prohibits any reference to the i-75 CPA Review Course. He must also know that i-75 is all you need to pass.

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