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The i-75 Gold Special consists of the i-75 CPA Review Course. All 4 Parts Until you Pass! The Full Course includes all narrated question videos, test banks, and final exam testlets! In the i-75 Gold Special you get an addition of 4 live tutoring sessions! The Gold Special gives you the best of both Worlds! The Complete i-75 course as well as of 4 one-on-one Live Tutoring Sessions with Darius Clark!

Gold Special
i-75 tutoring

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i-75 tutoring
i-75 tutoring

Full i-75 Course

Full i-75 Course, Darius's Premium #1 Videos, 5,000 Multiple Choice Questions, Final Exam Testlets, and Narrated Video Simulations. The Full Course has a 91% Passing Rate as of Sept. 30 2019!

100% Passing Rate

All Students Who have signed up for the i-75 Gold Special Have Passed. This is the premium plan. If you need both the course and Tutoring, get this special. If you want more tutoring you can get the sessions at a very discounted rate.

4 Live One-on-One Tutoring Sessions with Darius Clark!

At i-75 we offer our very own one-on-one Private Tutoring option. You get hands on help with the “kingmaker” Darius Clark himself! Add 10+ Points to Your CPA Exam Score With just a few Sessions with Darius.


When you become a member of i-75. Darius is available to answer any questions regarding CPA Exam content, the i-75 course, private tutoring, or if you just want to discuss your personal CPA Exam Journey.


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Carmen Mejia

Certified Public Accountant

June 21, 2019

When I found Darius I had passed REG and had failed BEC a couple times. Once I started using his materials I passed FAR and AUD on the first try and conquered my beast BEC to complete my CPA journey. Hear me when I say there is NO other CPA review software like his!! He takes the most complex materials and breaks it down in a very simplistic way so that anyone from recent grad to a seasoned professional can understand.. Thank you Darius!

Corey Crone

Audit & Assurance Associate at Deloitte

August 5, 2019

For CPA Exam candidates who can not pass via Becker, Darius is your guy. Where Becker’s style is stale and hours of talking AT you, Darius teaches in a way that makes practical sense. I wish I had found Darius sooner.


Frequently Asked Questions

 I-75 CPA Review Course includes Our Narrated Videos, “Test Bank”, Narrated Video Simulations, and 2 Testlets. As well as 4 Live Tutoring Meetings with Darius Clark.

Via Skype you sit with Darius and learn how to steer thru each topic one at a time.

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The i-75 Gold Special is the Full Course combined with Tutoring. 4 Live Tutoring Sessions with Darius. 2 Sessions is guaranteed to improve your exam score by +10 Points!