Here’s the question, How many Flashcards does the AICPA and NASBA suggest that you memorize in order to pass the CPA Exam? Answer: None! I can’t emphasize this enough, CPA Exam Flashcards written by anyone other than yourself, are Not Useful. Look, if you think they are all that, then here’s what you should do in order to pass the CPA Exam; As you watch my i-75 Videos, make your own. That’s correct, make your own flashcards. Write flashcards yourself because then, when you go back and review them a few days or a week later in your study and final review, you have a better chance of retaining the topic. “As you write it, you begin to remember it”, my students say. The best part is that by making your own flashcards, you will understand the meaning and not just memorize what someone else wrote. Here’s a flashcard from Becker or Wiley, Surgent, or Gleim, who can tell me what this means? “Writ of Attachment is a pre-judgment remedy and Writ of Execution is a post judgment remedy” but do you even know what any of those terms mean? Do you even know which exam writ of attachment and writ of execution would pertain to? The answer is that it relates to the CPA REG Exam and its part of business law. Better if you wrote the card yourself because then you could include what a “Writ” is and even what a “judgment” is. Just an example of why you should not try to memorize flashcards written by someone else. Becker and the others push flashcards but there’s a catch. Memorizing puts the pressure on you and takes the pressure off them. Bottom line, it’s better to make your own flashcards and then sell your flashcards on EBAY once you pass FAR, Audit, REG or BEC.

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